Refai (Ray) Haymour (July 16, 1966 – July 6, 2012)

Peacefully and courageously, Refai (Ray) Haymour passed away on July 6, 2012, after an intense battle with a very aggressive cancer. He was surrounded by his loving family and the prayers of the many people whose lives he touched. Ray was described by all who knew him as a man who lived life fully. While his accomplishments are too many to list here, let it just be said that he was extremely successful in all endeavors and yet he always put people first, creating winning and supportive teams. Above anything else, Ray cherished foremost his family. He is survived by his loving wife Barb and his three sons, Jordan (14), Joel (12) and Justin (9) who are their pride and legacy. Ray’s parents, Sohila and Mohamed, along with his sisters, Rita (Ray), Hindy (Darren), Efaf (Pete), and Tammam; his maternal grandmother Fatima; his nephew Jeff, nieces Janelle and Jenna, and a large and loving extended family join together in loss while preparing to also celebrate his amazing 45 year life.

Ray spent his early years in Calgary and then in Kelowna where he first met Barb. He graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science degree which led him to his professional life in Vancouver, where he and Barb together made their home and their own family with the three boys. To get a break from their busy schedules and just be together with family, Ray, Barb, and their boys spent as much time as possible in Kelowna, their second home. Ray loved to play hockey, golf and water sports whenever he could and modeled a winning spirit and passion for sport and life.

Now Ray joins his grandfather Albert and uncle Adel Abougoush, two men with whom he shared so many fine qualities. His extensive family and network of friends and colleagues loved Ray dearly. His influence will be present with us always.

Funeral Service

We invite all friends and family to join us for a funeral service on Saturday, July 14 at 1:00 p.m. at The Delta Grand Okanagan, Okanagan Room, 1310 Water Street, Kelowna BC.

Following the interment relatives and friends are invited back at the Delta Grand Okanagan for lunch and refreshments. Funeral arrangements carried out by Springfield Funeral Home, Kelowna BC

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in memory of Refai Ray Haymour to InspireHealth at

In Ray’s Memory

Ray passed away late last night with all his family close by. There was not a dry eye amongst the nurses on shift that night because once again Ray had such a positive impact on people in such a short period of time. Our journey ended a lot sooner than we had hoped for but knowing Ray is no longer suffering gives us great comfort.  I can not even begin to describe the loss I feel but I am staying strong for our boys who have just lost the greatest dad ever.  Thank-you all for all your love and support, we are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

Update on Ray

Hi Everyone we are all here in the sunny Okanagan but unfortunately not a lot of sunshine yet. Ray has finished two rounds of chemo but unfortunately the ct scan showed the cancer did not respond to the tx and has spread. Ray was admitted into the hospital on Saturday so he could be closely monitored. He is still fighting hard and not giving up so please send your prayers and strength his way. He is one incredible man, the love of my life, our boys hero and loved by so many. He deserves to win this battle!

Thank you

Hi Everyone I want to thank-you all for the kind words and support throughout this journey. Ray has just completed round two of chemo and has five more rounds to go! The chemo knocks him out hard and just when he is starting to feel better they knock him out again with another round. Ray is staying strong and positive through this all but unfortunately he does not have the energy for visitors at this time. We are hoping to go to Kelowna in between treatments. We have lots of family support there and it truly is Rays paradise sitting on the dock taking in the water views and soaking up that hot okanagan sun! Of course being on a golf course is a close second. You all have been truly amazing and I thank you all again for reaching out in Ray’s words “it is very humbling.”


Barb Haymour

Shocking news

On April 28, 2012 we were shocked to hear that our good friend and colleague was given a diagnosis of lung cancer. How could this be? He is a non–smoker who spends his spare time in the gym working out, or can be seen at the hockey rink with his 3 boys around North Vancouver, or wherever there is a tournament. He is also a hockey player and a great supporter of the Vancouver Canucks. In the off-season, when not on the golf course, Ray can be seen cruising around Lake Okanagan on his boat, kids in tow always. He never really grew up! Poor Barb actually has 4 boys to handle!

For those who know Ray really well, they know he is a winner and will never give up without a real fight! His smile is his signature even when times are tough. His work life has always required time away from his family and he continues to give his 110%. He is such a dedicated man in every way, always eager to please.

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